Eric de Nie: ”I want to transform my perception of the music into an autonomous sound image next to the music and within the world of abstract painting.”

Morton Feldman Session

music on canvas – a live video performance

2003.In the Dutch recording studio Grasland pianist Kees Wieringa performed the Morton Feldman composition ‘For Bunita Marcus’. Performing artist Eric de Nie was inspired by the music to simultaneously make a painting. This creation process was followed closely by nine video cameras. The images were mixed by VJ-Stalker according to a concept by Marja Sonneveld. The DVD contains the adaptation of this public live performance in which the tension between the musical performance and the creation process of making a painting keeps after the viewer.
Eric de Nie: “I put myself in a condition whereby the length of Feldman’s composition becomes a paradigm for the space of the canvas”In the complex simplicity of Morton Feldman very subtle time experience is involved. In America Kees Wieringa was recently acclaimed one of the top performers of the music of Morton Feldman. For the painter Eric de Nie time and the visual imaginary of music plays an important role in his work. Marja Sonneveld, the director of the visual concept of this project, also works as a photographer and a video documentary maker. Through his video- and sound-art-installations and performances VJ-Stalker has acquired national and international fame in the world of music and fine arts.

published  april 2005  Do Records 201 / ISRC N.L-090-05-00001 / barcode 6 08917 80309


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